Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Winter Break - Part 1:Make It Count

We headed out of town for a little winter break last week. We started off with another ski day at Wisp. Again, I was cranky. I didn't want to go, felt like I had checked skiing off the list of things to do this winter and there we were, at the ski resort AGAIN. After our 4 hour drive of me being cranky, I finally put my big girl panties on and stopped complaining. Jared and Steve headed out for a few runs while I rented my skis and boots. This time I upgraded to an Intermediate skier and even got some longer skis. They had fresh powder from the night before so it would be a better day.

I text Jared to let him know I was waiting at the bottom of the run to meet up with them and got this reply...
The next thing I know there is an ambulance, ski patrol, and a few moments later a sled with someone performing CPR on a guy while they are being towed down the slope on a sled. They skied right by me... kids and adults all around were crying at what we were seeing. Directly after them came Jared and Steve. Apparently this man had fallen out of the ski lift just before they headed down the slope. While they were coming down they saw people shouting for help. The man's daughter, a doctor as well, was performing CPR. Someone took her aside and the two of them took over CPR until the ski patrol arrived. They knew he was gone as soon as they saw him.

It was awful. Surreal. It took me awhile to realize what happened... like midway through my second run I just started crying. I wasn't ok. J stopped and talked with me for a while. They see this all the time and I don't know how they deal with it. Part of me wanted to just quit for the day. The same part of me that had been grumpy all morning. But the other part of me felt different. Like I had to choose to enjoy this day. My grandparents haven't been doing well lately... two of them in home hospice care. And I am just feeling more and more the need to make it count, every day, everything you do. Because you really never know what will happen next.

I did awesome skiing each blue trail that day and didn’t quit on myself once. 

I had so much fun. We found out later that the man had died... he was only 68. He had had a heart attack on the lift before he fell. And although so very tragic, he was with his family doing something they loved. And because Jared loves skiing so much, I'm going to keep trying to do better. Making it count for us both, everyday.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Restaurant Week

Tonight we are heading out to Cleveland Restaurant Week with our friends Mary and Steve! Our favorite restaurant in the area is Red.
J has been there a couple times for pharmacy rep dinners and we went for his cousin's birthday dinner once. It really isn't a place we can afford to go so when you see a deal for a three course dinner at $33 you make a reservation ASAP!!
I plan on skipping lunch to fully enjoy my delicious dinner. I had oysters Rockefeller here for the first time and fell in LOVE... hope they are on the menu tonight!! Pics to come since of course, I take photos of my food. I can't help it, it's genetic!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I eat oatmeal now. It is so weird. Not real oatmeal, instant with cinnamon and sugar flavoring and two yellow packets of fake sugar. And it looks totally gross to me. But it is good for you, good for Jared not to just have coffee and go every morning. Supposedly good for your cholesterol. So, we've been eating it and maybe one day I can move to a more healthy version.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Change Is Coming

We can feel it, the both of us. The uncertainty that is all around us that we are just starting to vocalize. Finally J's training is coming to an end and in 4 short months he will be done. Finished. Officially a Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeon and we are so super excited. I am beyond proud of this man. But with this comes change, possibly some big change. It will mean a new job for J, finally able to be out on his own as a doctor. But it may also mean moving, new places, and who knows what else. 

The search is on for what will situation will be best for both of us and the unknown is hard to deal with sometimes. Especially for the Type A person I am that wants to plan everything. It seems as if we have just gotten comfortable in our lives. Perhaps, as crazy as it sounds, we were meant to live here in Cleveland... but this just might not be an option. So who knows? It is kind of scary. Balancing the good and bad for each of us. What this will mean for my job is really hard to think about. I honestly find it hard to imagine finding a better job than the one I have now. But I am trying not to worry, to remember that I do believe everything happens for a reason.
This is an image of Cleveland taken last week taken from the International Space Station... our home for now. So we wait and try and get comfortable with this feeling. The excitement, anticipation, nervousness, sadness, all of it. Hoping that this next step will also be as great as the one we are currently in, a situation that we never knew we always wanted.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Magic of an Ordinary Day

We are usually pretty busy here at ECGML doing this, that or the other thing. Traveling, celebrating, baking, or heading out on the town with friends. But this weekend we kept it low key. We spent Friday night in, Saturday we met J's Aunt for lunch, worked out and then watched movies. And today was just lovely... just an ordinary day. The forecast was for a day filled with snow showers so we hit the road for our Sunday drive. We went through our favorite little town, Chagrin Falls and looked at the new home construction of places we could imagine living someday... right next to this barn with Clydesdale horses.
We hunted for pizza by the slice... realizing that we might as well drive the 7 hours to NYC for it. Then headed home to a crock pot dinner, some crocheting, a nap, and watching our little baby kitty play with her latest toy. Just one of those ordinary days that we love.
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