Monday, July 23, 2012

Visitors for the Brothers of the Sun!

Months and months ago we bought tickets to see this...
And the weekend was finally here! Natalie, Niki, and Danni came to visit me... and see these cutie pies in concert at the Cleveland Browns Stadium. I was over the moon! Being in Ohio I don't get many visitors and it is really tough not to have friends nearby. Luckily, some good friends have visited multiple times in the nearly 4 years I've lived here. And this weekend was such a great visit!

We shopped, ate, drank, watched the Olympics, had some great tailgating fun, and just visited with each other.
Who knew we would be getting sunburns tailgating in Cleveland?!? It was hot, hot, hot!!

And the concert was great.... especially getting to meet Kenny. So awesome that Danni had connections to set that up!

It was such a great weekend. Thank goodness I took Monday off to recuperate... and keep off my feet from the monster blisters I got from my cowboy boots. But it was worth it, can't wait to see these fun ladies again soon!

Champagne Sunday - Finally!

Jared had his first day off in 39 days today. What better way to celebrate than with a much overdue Champagne Sunday!
Now off to the pool and relaxing all day long!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Texas in July

Another week, another whirlwind! This past week I was on business travel. Love, love, love it! I hadn't been training since last November. And just like last year I was working next to this... 
Training astronauts on experiments like this... 
And eating a whole lot of this...
Heaven! Love my job! It nearly makes the hour long TSA line, 4 hour flight delay and screaming 6 month old next to me the entire flight home worth it... almost.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Just because...

I mentioned it was National Ice Cream day yesterday... he bought these on his way home from work.

Just love that guy! Delicious!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Princess Weekend

Two of my niece's visited with their Mom, my sister-in-law, Allison this weekend. We had so much fun! Unfortunately Jared has been on call A LOT, and was either working or exhausted. But us girls, we had a blast. As soon as they arrived the fun began... starting with a gift from Brenna... a drawing of me with my little princesses!
We went out to lunch and had lunch dessert of course! I took the girls on a surprise pick-out-a-toy trip to Toys R Us (and a couple things for the brothers who were back at home), stopped by and left a note at Uncle Jared's office, had our nails done where the girls picked out our colors... all with glitter sparkles, mine being turquoise blue, and talked, talked, talked! I absolutely love that my sister-in-law and I get along so well.
And as luck would have it, Uncle Jared had just enough time in between consults to meet us for dinner and visit for a bit. Wish he hadn't been on call for both Friday and Sunday. Ugh!

On Saturday we headed over to Jared and Allison's Aunt and Uncle's house to visit with the family. We played in the pool, grilled out, and had more dessert treats before we headed to the movies to see Brave. 

To top the weekend off we were home just in time to watch the American Girl movie! Brenna was super excited and Allison and I had some margaritas to help us through it... ended up talking until after 2am!
Can't wait until they visit again. So wish we lived closer to our entire families. So much fun!

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Another week of the summer gone like the blink of an eye. This one was full of celebrations. On Saturday we spent the morning at one of the local parks with J riding his bike and me trying to keep up running after him. 
That afternoon was a residency graduation party for our friend Keith and then we headed over to Stacey's birthday party, which was a country theme... yay for cowboy boots! Unfortunately we weren't able to go with the group line dancing since it was literally in the middle of no where and out of range of J's pager.
On Sunday we celebrated J's last year of training officially beginning!! And the next thing you know, it is the 4th of July. Growing up we had great cookouts, fireworks, and going down to DC with family and friends. As much as I love this holiday it is also hard, all the patriotism, remembering and missing Jeff.
Somehow, J had the day off. We had a picnic brunch that I was enjoying so much until I was stung by a wasp 3 times... not fun.
After a few tears from my sting, we headed over to our pool for the afternoon before heading over to J's Aunt and Uncles for more celebrating of our Independence! 
The only thing missing was fireworks. A pretty bad storm blew in right at dusk cancelling the show. I didn't even light a sparkler! Note for better planning next year. All in all a great week of celebrations.
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