Sunday, July 15, 2012

Princess Weekend

Two of my niece's visited with their Mom, my sister-in-law, Allison this weekend. We had so much fun! Unfortunately Jared has been on call A LOT, and was either working or exhausted. But us girls, we had a blast. As soon as they arrived the fun began... starting with a gift from Brenna... a drawing of me with my little princesses!
We went out to lunch and had lunch dessert of course! I took the girls on a surprise pick-out-a-toy trip to Toys R Us (and a couple things for the brothers who were back at home), stopped by and left a note at Uncle Jared's office, had our nails done where the girls picked out our colors... all with glitter sparkles, mine being turquoise blue, and talked, talked, talked! I absolutely love that my sister-in-law and I get along so well.
And as luck would have it, Uncle Jared had just enough time in between consults to meet us for dinner and visit for a bit. Wish he hadn't been on call for both Friday and Sunday. Ugh!

On Saturday we headed over to Jared and Allison's Aunt and Uncle's house to visit with the family. We played in the pool, grilled out, and had more dessert treats before we headed to the movies to see Brave. 

To top the weekend off we were home just in time to watch the American Girl movie! Brenna was super excited and Allison and I had some margaritas to help us through it... ended up talking until after 2am!
Can't wait until they visit again. So wish we lived closer to our entire families. So much fun!


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