Friday, February 25, 2011

Big Apple

We've been trying to make it back to NYC for awhile now. Between holidays, work schedules, and the crazy price of plane tickets it just hasn't happened... until this weekend. I found some fantastic deals and bought a last minute flight which had us visiting from super late Friday night until super early Monday morning. And even though it would only be a short weekend visit, it would be wonderful to see my sister, brother-in-law and newest niece, Madison!

That is until this came...
and cancelled our flight. I love snow... but not today. I am super bummed.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Overscheduled VA Visit

I need more time.
More time to travel...
More time to visit family and friends...
More time to get organized...
More time to meet people here in Ohio...
More time to work on my little projects... this blog, crocheting, family tree making, scrapbooking...
More time with Jared...

Since this isn't possible. Since I haven't invented the flux capacitor to give myself more time... I overschedule myself. I try and squeeze 10 lbs of crap into a 5 lb bag. I know this about myself and I think it is genetic. (Hahaha, sorry Mom!)

The first weekend of February was overscheduled... I needed it and I loved it. We took Friday off work and headed down to VA super early so I could have some girl time at the hair salon with my sister and niece who were also visiting! 
While Jared caught up with some friends from high school, I headed out with some other great girls to see The Legwarmers at State Theatre. Natalie put my lovely 80's outfit together (thank you!) and we had a fun/interesting time. Interesting in that some delusional people thought they would be able to cut in front of our group and we spend the whole night staking out our ground. Man, it was a work out!
Friday the 4th was also the birthday of one of my oldest friends, Laura. Laura is a crazy lover of the 80's and I wish she could have been there to celebrate with us. It would have been like old times... us circa 2003.
Laura is a mom of two who lives in NC and I don't get to see her much. I miss her and how things use to be. Change has never been easy for me and it seems like each day has more and more of it. We have been friends since elementary school and I know we always will be, no matter what changes may come. Happy Birthday Lo!

Saturday was filled with showers, a baby shower that is. A close family friend of ours is having her first baby and we are so happy for her! We spent the day with the Ratcliffe family showering Kelly (Ratcliffe) Hall and her soon to be baby.  
Julie, Baby Madison & Kelly
Jeni and me!
Sunday was not just any Sunday but Superbowl Sunday! Also known as one of my most favorite days of the year. Don't get me wrong, I love football. I just don't love it as much as Jared does. To prepare for this fantastical day, we spent the morning (and afternoon) just some of the girls. Natalie was visiting so it was the perfect time to bring the Mommies with us for some catching up, a fantastic lunch, and a little wine tasting.
And just when you thought the weekend was over, we stayed until Monday! Yes, being me I drag the time out as long as I can and this way we didn't miss any of the big game. We even stayed up late watching movies (our wedding videos) with my parents! It was a great, super busy, oversheduled weekend. Just what I needed.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chocolate Covered

We had decided to lay low this year. With all the craziness happening at work we decided we didn't need to do anything big for Valentine's Day. Well, that was the plan at least. Jared apparently decided that still meant he was getting me chocolates and taking me out to dinner to "our place" in Chagrin Falls.

He also got Fritos. Yep, the chip. Chocolate covered. I had apparently exclaimed about them when watching a commercial. I think it was a "ew" exclamation where he thought it was an "oh!". Well, let me tell you they are AMAZING! Who knew?
This was our 13th Valentine's day. That is just crazy. At dinner we talked about our first Valentine's day, back at Virginia Tech. And surprisingly he remembered it! 

On our way home Jared got a text from his Mom saying that 40 years ago today his Dad had proposed. Now that is amazing. We are blessed to both have such wonderful parents. Parents that have taught us how to love.

Happy Valentine's Day! To all those we love in our lives.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Drive

On Sundays we go for a drive. It doesn't matter the weather. It isn't planned. It just sort of happens. We sleep in a little. Watch some of "CBS Sunday Morning", which always makes me miss my Dad, then we get up and go for a drive.

Sometimes we hunt for coffee or a new breakfast place. One time Jared drove us to Erie so I could have my favorite donut on the planet. (I love food, can you tell?) Other times we just drive around either enjoying the newly fallen snow or a much appreciated sunny day. We run errands. Target, Best Buy, then stop for lunch someplace. Anyplace.

We listen to music. Have random conversations. And it is nice. Just the two of us.  

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Freaking Out

Have I mentioned I love my job? Yes, I know I have. I love, love, LOVE my job. Well, things are a little stressful at my job. All of the sudden they are laying off people, like 5 last Friday. I work for a small company and 5 is a lot. Rumor has it there are more to come. And today, at 4pm one of the projects I work on was cancelled.

I am worried... More than that, I am freaking out. I started crying on the phone to my Mom on the way home from work. I didn't realize how worried I was feeling. I have a million thoughts running through my head. What would we do if I lost my job? How would I find anything else around here that I liked? What about money? What is going to happen if J doesn't get his fellowship (which is another story I haven't mentioned)? I'm so glad we didn't get the house... I guess we would sell the cars... and I can work anywhere. It doesn't matter, it would just be temporary. I keep telling myself it will work out. Everything always does... eventually.

I've never felt like this. I was na├»ve. I was just so happy to be doing what I love. Something that made it easier to be a wife of a surgery resident. To be away from my family and friends.

This isn't a great time for space exploration, not like it ever is. We are in transition from the shuttle to the next generation of rocket/transport/something?? We are barely coming out of a recession.  And NASA... well, they need a signed budget. And hopefully, that will keep my job.
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