Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chocolate Covered

We had decided to lay low this year. With all the craziness happening at work we decided we didn't need to do anything big for Valentine's Day. Well, that was the plan at least. Jared apparently decided that still meant he was getting me chocolates and taking me out to dinner to "our place" in Chagrin Falls.

He also got Fritos. Yep, the chip. Chocolate covered. I had apparently exclaimed about them when watching a commercial. I think it was a "ew" exclamation where he thought it was an "oh!". Well, let me tell you they are AMAZING! Who knew?
This was our 13th Valentine's day. That is just crazy. At dinner we talked about our first Valentine's day, back at Virginia Tech. And surprisingly he remembered it! 

On our way home Jared got a text from his Mom saying that 40 years ago today his Dad had proposed. Now that is amazing. We are blessed to both have such wonderful parents. Parents that have taught us how to love.

Happy Valentine's Day! To all those we love in our lives.


laura said...

happy heart day, love.
our first v-day was 13 years ago too.
there wasn't chicken fingers on the restaurant menu. i didn't know what to order. ;)

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