Monday, May 30, 2011

A Stein Family Wedding/Reunion

We were all together this weekend... well, almost. The "Stein" extended family from Antoinette and Peter's bloodline. There were just two cousins missing that couldn't make it to Cincinnati where we all met for little David's wedding.

The weekend actually started on Thursday when my parents brought my brothers, Jeni, & nephew Jacob through Cleveland to visit us for the night! 
(Sorry I didn't get a pic of you, Jeff since you were in our car!)

We had a great time visiting with the family, catching up with everyone, dancing and celebrating for David and Monica. Looking back at my photos, I didn't get any of my Uncle David's family except the groom! But here are some that I did get.... Dad with his brothers Barry and David, and sister Carole.
Cousin Augie with my parents and my brother Jeff
My Uncle David, Aunt Ann, cousin Nicholas, Uncle Greg, Aunt Ronnie, Aunt Carole, cousin Kelly, and my Uncle Barry
 the Groom, my cousin David, and his bride Monica
Julie's family
 Joey's family... 
   Our branch of the family...
  And the four of us "kids"
 And hopefully we will be having yearly or bi-yearly family reunions starting next year!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lemonade Stand

It was sunny today. So nice and sunshiny. I was heading out to run some errands and when I came around the corner a local kid had set up a lemonade stand. My sister and I LOVED doing this when we were little. I can't help myself, I buy lemonade or girl scout cookies or wrapping paper just like I had wanted people to buy from me when I was young. So I stopped by for a glass even though the price was a bit high, $1 a glass. This kid is going to make a million this summer! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Running Around Cleveland

We had a visitor this weekend. The friend I have had the longest, Tracey, came into town for her second visit since I moved away. I have been bad and haven't made it to her pad in DC but plans are in the works lady, I promise! We sure had a fun time, despite the icky, yucky, monsoon like weather that has returned. No more springtime here. I definitely spoke too soon the other day since it feels more like late March! On Friday after enjoying some sangria, YUM! 
we headed out to dinner at Sokolowski's University Inn in Tremont to enjoy the most delicious pierogies for dinner. And of course, some yummy beer.
Another friend of ours, Katie, stopped by and we ended the evening with some 80's movie clips and silliness!
On Saturday we spent the day at a winery and shopping. Although the weather was mostly cloudy and a bit dreary (STILL!) we had a nice time and Jared was such as sport putting up with all the Nordstrom Rack shopping and being our chauffeur for the day.
Sunday was race day.
Tracey had a great run with a personal best time. Woohoo! Go girl! I actually enjoyed myself despite hardly training.
It was such a nice visit that just raced by. Heheheh 

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Happy Birthday to my little brother Joey who is 25 today! In my mind's eye he is about 11 years old, stuck in my memory with our youngest brother Jeffrey as little kids when I left for college many moons ago.
He isn't so little anymore. He has a son now, nearly 3 years old. But I just can't help it... he is my little brother. Joey and I have an interesting relationship. We butt heads sometimes because I am the oldest sister and he thinks he is the older sibling which I find too funny. I try and protect him,  and I mother him, a little too much. I just can't help it. I love him.

But no matter what I am there for him and his family with Jeni and their son. He has so much potential, I know he is going to do great things.
Happy Birthday Boo Boo!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring Is In The Air!

FINALLY! Spring has arrived in Ohio!
Yesterday I packed up all our sweaters & sweatshirts, the snow boots, hats and gloves. Yes... in May. I didn't put them away until now because I thought I would jinx it. Rumors about spring snow storms completely freak me out and I didn't want to do anything to tempt the weather gods.

Temperatures are so variable here... lows in the 30s last week. Where was spring?!? All we had been having here was rain, rain, and more rain. The cold, chill you to the bones rain where you hate going outside. At least snow is pretty and fun and you can sled on it! But not today, today the high will be in the 80's! Today it is spring, full of the smell of fresh cut grass, blooming flowers, and sun, sun, sun! Sounds like a top off kinda day... on my Jeep that is, what were you thinking?!?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Whale of a Time! (Part 2)

In Boston that is! My job, oh how I love my job, sent me on a business trip to Boston. I was attending a seminar on microfluidics. One of the projects I am working on is developing a reusable medical device for long duration spaceflight and we need to know more about microfluidic processes. I still can't get over that I get to learn and do such neato keeno things and get paid for it!

Since Jared had a few vacation days to use he joined me on my quick 2 day trip. We drove all around the Boston area. We saw Fenway park, walked through Cambridge and had dinner near Harvard. We stayed at a hotel which use to be a Federal Reserve Bank and were walking distance to the harbor.
On Monday, we went on a whale watching cruise. The weather was gorgeous, a bit chilly but so nice and sunny out. And after fighting a little sea sickness (luckily no actually throwing up!) we saw these...
a female humpback and her calf, several male whales feeding, breaching and diving underwater showing their tales. It was beyond cool and we were sooo excited!
After a quick bite to eat... lobster rolls and shrimp cocktail, yum!... we headed out for a drive. Around the city to see Paul Revere's house, where the Boston Tea Party occurred and then off to Connecticut for dinner with one of J's groomsmen from our wedding and his family. 
On Tuesday I attended my conference while Jared made a quick trip to visit Boston College. Now he only has to visit Clemson and has been to all the ACC schools.... not sure why but he was excited.

Before we left town we had a lovely late lunch by the ocean, made a quick trip to Plymouth Rock to see the Mayflower replica, drive through Quincy, MA to see John Adams house (my favorite President!), and one last lobster roll before flying home.
Our Boston trip sure was wicked awesome!

A Whale of a Time! (Part 1)

Another whirlwind weekend for the Storck family! And we sure had a WHALE of a time (see part 2 of this post). On Thursday we headed down to Virginia and our first stop was to see one of my best friends Alissa and her newest addition... baby Vincent at one week old!
Side note... look at how long my eyelashes have gotten! I just love 'em!

Luckily for us, my sister and her family were in town as well this weekend. So I caught up on some snuggles from my little niece Maddy...
we celebrated Jeni and Julie's birthdays, went shopping just the girls, ate Mexican food Mom made, stayed up late, watched movies, and just enjoyed being together as a family. Jared, Joey, and Jake played with a toy airplane in the yard and Jeff came up from VCU for the night and watched movies with us.
There was visiting the grandparents, planning our next visit and as always our time together just wasn't long enough. It was so nice to all be home, the kids who are not so much kids anymore, even just for a few days.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Today is my sister's birthday. A special one. The big 3-0. Even though we celebrated this weekend, I wish I could be with her on her special day. I love my sister so much. I joke that she is mine... that my parents had her for me. And as much as I tease, I kinda feel that way. The E.E. Cummings poem, "I carry your heart with me" always reminds me of her. I am super protective of her and love that over the years we have gotten so close. Close enough that when we are out together shopping and people ask if we are twins it makes me smile a little inside... and smile a lot when they ask which one of us is older! Hehehe!
This is one of my favorite pictures of us with our Dad on my wedding day. Happy 30th Birthday, Juls!

It is also the birthday of one of my best friends, Courtney. Courtney and I met my first year at Virginia Tech. She is the first close friend I made in college and I miss her terribly! 
Happy Birthday to you too, Court! Perhaps we can make another Vegas trip like this one back in 2007 to celebrate sometime soon!
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