Monday, May 30, 2011

A Stein Family Wedding/Reunion

We were all together this weekend... well, almost. The "Stein" extended family from Antoinette and Peter's bloodline. There were just two cousins missing that couldn't make it to Cincinnati where we all met for little David's wedding.

The weekend actually started on Thursday when my parents brought my brothers, Jeni, & nephew Jacob through Cleveland to visit us for the night! 
(Sorry I didn't get a pic of you, Jeff since you were in our car!)

We had a great time visiting with the family, catching up with everyone, dancing and celebrating for David and Monica. Looking back at my photos, I didn't get any of my Uncle David's family except the groom! But here are some that I did get.... Dad with his brothers Barry and David, and sister Carole.
Cousin Augie with my parents and my brother Jeff
My Uncle David, Aunt Ann, cousin Nicholas, Uncle Greg, Aunt Ronnie, Aunt Carole, cousin Kelly, and my Uncle Barry
 the Groom, my cousin David, and his bride Monica
Julie's family
 Joey's family... 
   Our branch of the family...
  And the four of us "kids"
 And hopefully we will be having yearly or bi-yearly family reunions starting next year!


Clare said...

so sweet to see your whole fam!! love it:)

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