Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring Is In The Air!

FINALLY! Spring has arrived in Ohio!
Yesterday I packed up all our sweaters & sweatshirts, the snow boots, hats and gloves. Yes... in May. I didn't put them away until now because I thought I would jinx it. Rumors about spring snow storms completely freak me out and I didn't want to do anything to tempt the weather gods.

Temperatures are so variable here... lows in the 30s last week. Where was spring?!? All we had been having here was rain, rain, and more rain. The cold, chill you to the bones rain where you hate going outside. At least snow is pretty and fun and you can sled on it! But not today, today the high will be in the 80's! Today it is spring, full of the smell of fresh cut grass, blooming flowers, and sun, sun, sun! Sounds like a top off kinda day... on my Jeep that is, what were you thinking?!?


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