Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Whale of a Time! (Part 2)

In Boston that is! My job, oh how I love my job, sent me on a business trip to Boston. I was attending a seminar on microfluidics. One of the projects I am working on is developing a reusable medical device for long duration spaceflight and we need to know more about microfluidic processes. I still can't get over that I get to learn and do such neato keeno things and get paid for it!

Since Jared had a few vacation days to use he joined me on my quick 2 day trip. We drove all around the Boston area. We saw Fenway park, walked through Cambridge and had dinner near Harvard. We stayed at a hotel which use to be a Federal Reserve Bank and were walking distance to the harbor.
On Monday, we went on a whale watching cruise. The weather was gorgeous, a bit chilly but so nice and sunny out. And after fighting a little sea sickness (luckily no actually throwing up!) we saw these...
a female humpback and her calf, several male whales feeding, breaching and diving underwater showing their tales. It was beyond cool and we were sooo excited!
After a quick bite to eat... lobster rolls and shrimp cocktail, yum!... we headed out for a drive. Around the city to see Paul Revere's house, where the Boston Tea Party occurred and then off to Connecticut for dinner with one of J's groomsmen from our wedding and his family. 
On Tuesday I attended my conference while Jared made a quick trip to visit Boston College. Now he only has to visit Clemson and has been to all the ACC schools.... not sure why but he was excited.

Before we left town we had a lovely late lunch by the ocean, made a quick trip to Plymouth Rock to see the Mayflower replica, drive through Quincy, MA to see John Adams house (my favorite President!), and one last lobster roll before flying home.
Our Boston trip sure was wicked awesome!


Clare said...

wow, jenny you make me want to go visit there, it looks so fun!!

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