Monday, January 3, 2011

2010... just flew by!

We were busy in 2010. Busy traveling all over the country, and not just for football! Busy getting into the groove of a job I love, Jared finishing his 4th year and starting off his chief year of surgery residency! Woo hoo! Busy enjoying being married and just the two of us! Busy starting this little blog and getting organized recording some of the details of our life. Busy, busy, busy! Just how I like it!

Here is a recap of our 2010. WARNING: This is lengthy! I added some photos of the missing months of 2010 since my blogging didn't come to be until August.

2010 In Review
January - We rang in the New Year at the Chick-Fil-A bowl watching the Hokies win against Tennessee and spent a few days with J's parents at their cabin in North Carolina.
We attended a doctor event downtown with some of his co-residents at CAOM.
I trained my first astronaut at Johnson Space Center in Houston!! And we started to look for a house to buy in Ohio.

February - J was a witness in a court case and did an awesome job testifying! His hospital had a resident bowling night.  
Julie found out she was having a baby girl, due in August. And I made a solo trip to Virginia to see a fashion show and just spend time with the family. 
March - My parents come to visit me for the first time in Ohio!
We house sat for Jared's Aunt and Uncle and went to a Cavalier game where we saw Lebron James before his decision to leave Cleveland.
We also tried to buy a house. We had been looking for months... and we tried to buy this cute house but it didn't work out. Everything happens for a reason. I mean, it was 80 years old...
April - Easter was spent in Ohio with J's family who we are lucky to have living nearby.  Here is Jared, his Grandmother Nonni, and cousin Troy.
We took a trip to Indiana to visit J's sister's family and become Godparents for our niece Abigail.
I tagged along with Jared to a conference he had conveniently scheduled in Virginia for a few days so we were able to hang out with some friends while we were home.
And we traded in my TSX for our first BMW!
The month ended with our annual (well, we try anyway!) Girl's Trip where we met in Key West for some sun and fun!
May - We spent Mother's Day weekend in Virginia where I also went on a friend's birthday wine tour. We had a family girl's weekend in NYC where we surprised Julie in her classroom...
and I hosted a baby shower for her at Sarabeth's.  
June - Mid year was a busy month! We started out with our summer vacation to Panama City Beach to visit J's family (and Harley the dog!) and a get a little R&R by the pool and beach.
There was a resident pot luck and graduation. Here is Jared with the remainder of his intern class, all having graduated except the surgery residents who start their last year next month!
We made a trip to Virginia for baby shower my Mom hosted for Julie which was also Father's Day weekend which meant attending the Italian Festival downtown with Dad.

I trained astronauts for a week and got to meet Shannon Lucid, who held the record at one time for longest stay in space by an American or woman.
And we celebrated our second wedding anniversary with dinner at our favorite place, where he proposed in Chagrin Falls!
July - Jared began his chief year in his surgery residency at South Point Hospital. We spent the 4th of July holiday with Jared's boss on his boat in Lake Erie.
I went to my second county concert with Natalie and Michelle.
I spent another week training astronauts in Texas where I was tweeted about by one of my astronaut students! We made a trip to Virginia for a going away party for Natalie and Brian.
The month ended with a summer surgery pool party at the Stanleys house and a golf outing for the residents.
August - Started off with a visit from Jared's sister and her family where we played in the pool and enjoyed the summer sun.
Our niece Madison Lilly is born! and we made a trip to NYC to meet her. We went sailing and to a baseball game. And I started really working on this little blog.

September - We spent Labor Day weekend in Virginia to see family and watch the Hokies play Boise State. We travelled to Nebraska to see John. We went to an OSU/OU game with some of J's co-residents and his Aunt, Uncle and cousin.

We played Whirlyball, went to Appleseed Festivals, volunteered at Extreme Makeover, and saw my cousin Anthony perform at the Cleveland Institute of Music.

October - We went to the annual SPH Clambake. Attended two VT games, Central Michigan and Wake Forest. And we took a trip to San Francisco for J's conference.

November - Both of our birthdays were this month. Dad runs a marathon and we make a quick trip through North Carolina to visit The Land of Syd and see the Hokies play. Mom and Dad surprise us during their visit by bringing Julie & Madison. And we spend Thanksgiving in Virginia.

December - We went to the ACC Championship Game in Charlotte with Dr. C & Mrs. S. Went to Jared's surgery holiday party. Here is Jared and his co-resident Matt.  
And enjoyed the holidays in Virginia.

Oh, what a year. A great year. A busy year. My second year in Ohio and second year married. It is starting to feel more like home. And hopefully, this next year will be even better!


Anonymous said...

Love this...thanks for the roll-up Jenny. Glad I made it into your busy year...we will have to try to get together this year for some QT for sure! Miss you guys. xoxo Jenna

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