Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wordfued & Angry Birds

At dinner with my friend Tracey a few weeks ago, I was introduced to a little game called Wordfued. I am terrible at it! She seriously beats me by over 100 points. This is not good. I am competitive and being such a loser sucks.

Then about a week ago Jared gets a new phone. A smart phone. Actually, the same phone I have. And I make the mistake of introducing him to Wordfued as well. Now I am competing with him too! Right now we are 2-1, with me in the lead in my current game by a very slim margin. Tracey on the other hand has kicked my butt every single time. Once I lost by somewhere around 20 points but it was over a weekend and she must have been distracted.

Luckily I have another game I play. Angry Birds. I seriously love this game. Yes, you are slingshotting cartoon birds into little green pigs but it makes sense to me. It is mastering the skill of how to get a stucture to crumble. Great little game to take your mind of waiting in line someplace or when you need to pass the time.


laura said...

what is this wordfued game? you need to give me a tutorial on our phone!

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