Wednesday, January 5, 2011

NKOTB... New "Kat" on the Block that is...

We have a new addition here at East Coast Girl... Hailey the cat.
I adopted Hailey (briefly known as Phoenix when I couldn't decide on a name) on my 21st birthday back in college. Since then she has lived with Jared and his roommates while I was living in the sorority house, then with me in the townhouse while in school. But mostly for the last 7 years she has lived with my family. 

This is a HUGE change for us and her. She has been meowing a lot. Seems to be looking at closet doors for entrance into the rest of our house or perhaps a portal back to her home in Virginia. She seems a little sad, lonely, and is looking for other people and animals.

I worry about her being alone so much. So, wish us luck and we will see how this goes.


Julie McDougall said...

This is hilarious!! She is going to love Ohio.

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