Monday, August 30, 2010

Busy Bee

As much as I do enjoy those lazy days of summer, my favorite type of day is when everything is planned from dawn 'til dusk. I love doing different activities, going out to eat and to local events. Saturday was that kind of day and the weather was amazing. Not a cloud in the sky and 80+ degrees... sometimes I really can't tell I live in Cleveland the weather is so nice.  

The day began with running a few errands (coffee, obviously!) and then heading out to Mentor-on-the-Lake for a lovely afternoon of sailing!
Next up was a summertime must do... attend a baseball game! I am more of a football girl but I LOVE live sporting events! (Not that you watch dead sporting events, but you know what I mean.) There is just something more fun about it, the jumbo screen, the music, the crowd chanting, and of course the snacks. It must have been all those years in high school being on the Dance Team watching and cheering on the Wildcats in between runs to the concession stand!
 Now as if that wasn't enough, we topped off the night by meeting up with a bunch of the SPH residents at Champps to watch what is seriously a ridiculous sport... Ultimate Fighting. There really are no words other than OUCH for that one.  

And just when I think our day is over... we get STUCK IN THE ELEVATOR OF OUR APARTMENT! We think this is hilarious... could have been the Patron shots... or the fact that J had just said "I hope we don't get stuck in here!" seconds before we lurched to a halt.
What a great end of summer, busy from dawn 'til dusk, kind of day!


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