Monday, September 27, 2010


Surgery residents need some time off now and then. Last Friday we went to the Whirlyball bar to have some much needed fun for these overworked and underpaid residents. Luckily, I am married to a surgery resident so I got to go too. :)

What is whirlyball you say? I had no idea either, thinking it is Midwest speak for something I am familiar with like "pop" when they are referring to soda. But I was wrong. This is no play on words, no invented regional sport. Whirlyball is a combination of bumper cars, jai a'lai, lacrosse, and basketball. 

Now, I am not the most coordinated (shocking since I am such a great dancer, hehehe) so I was worried. Worried, I would be injured....   

But as you can see the night was just a ton of fun. Our faces hurt from smiling and laughing the whole time. Acting like you are 8 years old is so much fun. It could have been the ramming into each other, the competition between teams, or the beer, but whatever it was it was hilarious fun. I even scored 4 points and didn't get hurt.


Clare said...

this looks so fun!! never heard of it:)

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