Thursday, September 9, 2010

Virginia is for Lovers

I love Virginia. I miss Virginia. It is so hard for me to be away from Virginia. It just feels different here... like home. This past weekend was a great visit. A fantabulous, too fast, extended weekend in Virginia with my husband to see my family, my friends, and some Hokie football.

Luckily we both had Labor Day weekend off! So, Jared and I drove down to Virgnia on Friday afternoon and right to Sweetwater Tavern to take my Mom out to dinner. Dad was on his way back from NYC with my brother Jeffrey. They were picking up Julie and Madison so they could meet the rest of the family on the holiday weekend.

Saturday started off with brunch at Tallula with the friend I have had the longest, Tracey, and a lovely spa visit!  I don't see this girl enough and I love that we can just catch up right where we left off. Always so much fun!! (I'm trying to convince her to meet me in San Fran in October!)
The rest of Saturday was spent at the park with my brother Joey and nephew Jacob. Afterwards Dad and I got pizza and we continued Game Day football watching and hanging out with the rest of the Stein clan.
Sunday began with brunch with some of my college roommates. We finally were able to get together and plan one weekend a year that will be our girls weekend... now hopefully that will work, we are all so busy these days!

And then I got to work, yes work. It was me in the kitchen. You are amazed, I know. Me hanging out with kids and cooking... what a month! I worked with Dad and Jeni to make a lovely summer dinner while Mom, Julie, & Madison visited with Aunt Ronnie, Kelly, Uncle Robert, Augie, Tricia, Lauren, John, Aunt Carole & Zach! Although we did take a minute to take this super cute pic with my go-go gadget long arms...
Now, Monday... Monday was supposed to be the most fun. Monday was supposed to be the beginning of the best season of college football ever. The Hokies were ranked 6th in the nation set to play Boise State. Boise isn't even a state for goodness sake! Unfortunately, Monday didn't end up like we planned. We lost... we lost and really, no one thought we were going to lose. It was so sad, I'm still bummed about it now. But before the game, we sure did have a lot of fun. It is always a good time with Erin, another roommate from college and Matt, a co-worker of Jared's who is also a Hokie!


Tracey said...

I'd like to thank you for the reference as "the friend I have had the longest" rather than my "oldest" friend! :)

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