Thursday, September 23, 2010

Harvest Moon

Today is the first official day of fall 2010. During each season, I feel like it is my favorite. With the leaves beginning to change color, I am getting ready for sweaters, jeans, boots, and that cool breeze that makes your face look just a little flushed.

Yet, when I was out shopping this week I noticed Christmas decorations out already! What the heck?!? It is only THE FIRST DAY OF FALL!!! I realize we need to have time to prepare for each new holiday, season, or style of clothing but come on. It also makes it difficult to envision those shortened days, long nights, and chilly months ahead with the record heatwave we are having. 92 degrees today... and I am looking at a snowman in Target. Weird.

Today is also the wedding anniversary of my best friend, Natalie and her husband Brian. Four years ago they were married at a historic plantation on a beautiful fall day in Virginia!
I was proud to stand by them when they were married with my soon-to-be husband and special friends from high school that I know will be in my life forever.
A month ago, Natalie and Brian moved across the globe for a few years.  And even thought I am missing them like crazy, I am so excited about the adventure they are on. Happy Anniversary!! Hope you are having a wonderful "fall" day on the island. (And that you don't mind making my blog!)

In the meantime, I am going to enjoy this fall season. I think I will go apple or pumpkin picking this weekend.  


Natalie said...

First off, thanks for posting the warm anniversary wishes on your blog. Second, I don't have that group picture of all of us at our wedding...can you please send??? Love you!

laura said...

big smiles, warm memories! :)

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