Thursday, December 30, 2010

Feliz Navidad

I am a little bit crazy about Christmas. Not sure exactly when it happened. But I absolutely LOVE it! In our little one bedroom apartment, I have not one, not two, but THREE Christmas trees.
We have a tree in our main room with white lights, angel and crystal ornaments, the bedroom tree with Hokie ornaments, and kitchen tree with space and doctor ornaments.

Did I mention I also  have a small Charlie Brown tree at my office? Hahah!
We had stockings hung by the "chimney" with care. Well, fireplace at least!
and plenty of homemade cookies...
Dozens and dozens of cookies were made. From Storck favorites: spritz Christmas trees, and raspberry filled with chocolate tips with my cookie gun from my most favorite in-laws, Stein favorites: traditional "Santa" sugar cookie cut outs with frosting and lastly Mexican wedding cookies. I was a cookie making machine this year.

Our Christmas week started in Ohio with just the two of us. My present from Jared was in one of my favorite boxes.
We travelled to Virginia for the holiday week and spent Christmas Eve shopping with my husband and brother-in-law, Jason. We had dinner at Sweet Water Tavern where somehow I only got a photo of the boys!
This year I had decided to take a turn being in charge of our "Secret Santa" gift exchange and "Grab-A-Gift". All in all it went well and I hope everyone liked their gifts.
We even got some southern snow.
I was lucky enough to see some of my favorite girls... having dinner at Coastal Flats with Laura & Dan from The Land of Syd and then later in the week with Tracey in Falls Church!
We even helped furniture shop with Julie and little miss Madison! 
It was a great holiday which always goes by too fast. With late nights, dance dance revolution tournaments, and lots of food and family.
Merry Christmas from The "Stein" (Storck & McDougall) Clan!


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