Sunday, October 3, 2010


Before Jared began his residency in Ohio, I had never heard of a Clambake. I have grown to LOVE this Midwest tradition! Every fall the hospital hosts one at a country club where we eat too much chowder, lobster!!, sweet potatoes, corn, fried chicken, fillet, dessert, open bar with yummy drinks and of course, clams. And since I do not eat clams, I make up for it with some extra lobster. :)
This year in addition to the cornucopia of food, they had karaoke. Now I do not sing. I can dance, but singing... oh no. When I am belting out a song while driving and the satellite looses signal for a minute and I hear myself I wince, it is not a good sound. Yet, somehow I ended up singing MULTIPLE times last night.... and now it is up on YouTube.

And yes, I was apparently using my Bud Light as a microphone. Could have been the lobster, or the many, many hot apple cider and Captain Morgan... who knows....


Clare said...

wow!! looks like so much fun, and sounds delicious too:)

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