Monday, July 23, 2012

Visitors for the Brothers of the Sun!

Months and months ago we bought tickets to see this...
And the weekend was finally here! Natalie, Niki, and Danni came to visit me... and see these cutie pies in concert at the Cleveland Browns Stadium. I was over the moon! Being in Ohio I don't get many visitors and it is really tough not to have friends nearby. Luckily, some good friends have visited multiple times in the nearly 4 years I've lived here. And this weekend was such a great visit!

We shopped, ate, drank, watched the Olympics, had some great tailgating fun, and just visited with each other.
Who knew we would be getting sunburns tailgating in Cleveland?!? It was hot, hot, hot!!

And the concert was great.... especially getting to meet Kenny. So awesome that Danni had connections to set that up!

It was such a great weekend. Thank goodness I took Monday off to recuperate... and keep off my feet from the monster blisters I got from my cowboy boots. But it was worth it, can't wait to see these fun ladies again soon!


Clare said...

wow, what a blast!! that is awesome!

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