Monday, August 6, 2012

Madison & Jacob's Birthday Party

It was a birthday party for two! Bubble Guppies and Star Wars themed.
With their birthdays just 3 days apart, Julie and Jenny coordinated having a party for both Madison (turning 2) and Jacob (turning 4) this weekend on the same day so the whole family could be there. We arrived late Friday night and while the boys slept, the girls were up late getting everything ready to paaartaaay! Julie put me to work making candy covered Oreos while they decorated cakes, tables, and made party favors.

Saturday was party day. We started out by heading down to DC to the National Aquarium to be there in time for the shark feeding. It was a hot one, outside and even in the aquarium. With water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink! Madison and I checked out the jellies, Jake and I looked at toads and poisonous tree frogs, and then there was the shark feeding.
It was a quick visit... mostly because the aquarium is the size of my parents basement. When we got home, phase 2 of the party began. Water games with little kids outside with their noodle light sabers, water guns, kiddie pool games and bubbles everywhere! 

We had a pizza party with delicious NY pizza from Ciro's, chocolate cake, ice cream cake, and delicious coffee punch. We even watched a little of the Olympics during the party.
 It was a great party. The birthday kids were so over tired when present time came. We hope they liked the Peppa Pig and Star Wars toys! Loved the whole day so very much. It was a great party. Happy Birthday to Jacob and Madison!


laura said...

looks like a wonderful celebration for them!! so fun you could all be there!

Clare said...

very sweet!! love all of the family time and collages, awesome!

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