Saturday, August 10, 2013

Myrtle Beach Snapshots - Day 3

Monday we spent the morning at the pool. Just lounging around enjoying the sunshine!
A funny thing about my family... they don't really go to the beach all that much, even during a beach trip! I could spend every day out in the ocean, laying on a towel, building sandcastles, you name it. Just being out there looking at the waves makes me smile. But I really, really have to convince them to go to the beach more than one day. Well, this afternoon I got them all to go!
After the full day of sun, we hit Murrell's Inlet for a seafood (sorry Dad!) dinner overlooking the water. In addition to the "I-actually-got-a-version-of-the-photo-I-wanted" picture, were these gems.

I especially like the four "Stein" kiddos with our people. :)
Sadly this was Jeff and Grace's last night on vacation with us but we were so glad they came, especially over Grace's birthday!


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