Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Am I Really Doing This?

For years I have been following one of my best friends, Laura's Baby Blog. I would always tease her about it and thought it was kinda weird, but at the same time it was a nice way to keep up with her life in Durham since I was living far far away in Northern Virginia. When we couldn't find the time to catch up in person or on the phone, I could log on and know what she was up to at the time.

So these days it seems I keep forgetting to keep track of events, things that happen now that I live with a boy (my husband!), funny things or just whatever. A lot has changed for me this past year.... getting married, finally getting to live with Jared, moving to Ohio, and starting a new job. Maybe this will be a way I can share things about my new life.

I still think this is very odd, I need a new title for the site, and am not sure what exactly I am going to post or even want to share.... but here goes...


laura said...

oh my G-d! oh my G-d!

did i just stumble upon your very first blog post?!

i am so proud of you!

the land of syd is honored to have inspired you!

the land of syd also loves you very very much!

Julie McDougall said...

we need pics to go with posts!! happy blogging!

Natalie said...

Yes, you should be doing this and I should be doing this and we'll do this together. Now as soon as you figure out how to add a freakn picture to your blog post, please let me know.

laura said...

and one year later . . . you begin again!

between you and natalie, i am so proud.
i feel like the proud mama letting her little chicks free into the big wide world of blogs! ;)

happy blogging, take 2!

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