Monday, March 10, 2014

Project 365 {Weeks 9 & 10}

Finishing up February here I notice a trend. I like food... a lot. That and I literally have no camera with me other than my iPhone. 

Week 9
February 24
I sent this photo to my sister-in-law-to-be and she said it was the fattest deer she had ever seen. I think he looks a little skinny... especially for the cold winter.

February 25
Seems like it is getting colder every day and literally feels like a never ending winter. 

February 26
This invitation came in the mail today. My friend that has wanted to have kids for oh so very long is finally getting her wish... times 3! I couldn't be happier for her and can't wait to see her! 

February 27
We were headed out of town this weekend and came across a Don Pablo's. Back in the day this was my most favorite restaurant. It was the restaurant where J and I actually had our first date. My meal taquitos with rice and beans; his meal a salad. Yep. It was the best. Well, either my taste has changed or Don Pablo's has really gone downhill. Looks like this was our last visit. 

February 28
Today I got to meet my newest nephew Ryan for the very first time. Born way back in November he was now 3 months and 3 weeks old and couldn't be more perfect. He looks exactly like my sister. 

March 1
Since yesterdays photo was Ryan sleeping, I had to get one of him awake with his Uncle. Just too cute!

March 2
We did a lot today, visited the Grandmas and brought over Chinese food lunch. We even got our little Goddaughter to come pick up the food with us, along with a quick bakery stop for a tasty treat. I am amazed she picked just one... and thoughtful enough to pick some out for her cousins too!  

Week 10
March 3
Visiting Virginia is always so full of emotion. So hard to see all the things I miss living far away from my family and my most dear friends. But at the same time so good to see moments like these... Grampy and little Jacob sitting in the chair together reading. 

March 4
Traveling is tough. No time to make dinner so happy hour at Flour! 

March 5
Out car is getting terrible gas mileage. This is the highest I've seen it this winter. I may have to start biking to work. 

March 6
This is actually J's lamp but it didn't work in his office... so it made its way over to mine. I think I need to update my work photos looking at this picture. 

March 7
I hate fast food. That and sandwiches. But somehow, today I ended up here for lunch. I say it was a moment of weakness. 

March 8
We had to stop by the hospital today for J to round. As I sat in the office while he went and did work I saw this little photo of the two of us many moons ago... I think we are 22, secretly placed where only he can see it when he is in his office. He is just too cute. 

March 9
French toast, orange juice, and coffee. Delicious! Would only have been better with bacon!


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