Monday, February 24, 2014

Project 365 - Week 7 & 8

So this is harder than I thought it would be. Not only remembering to take photos but I seem to never have my camera with me. It is more like a iPhone photo shoot than anything else. I am down to 365-7... 7 missing days! An entire week! I think I may go look on J's phone and iPad since I know I have some more photos. 

Week 7
February 10
We FaceTimed with Madison and Ryan today and I think I might have a photo someplace, at least a screenshot of our chatting but nothing on my camera unfortunately. 365-5 and counting... 

February 11
Some days, I get breakfast almost in bed. It makes my day. Really. Without asking, just because he cooks for me which is the sweetest.

February 12
Taxes. Need I say more? I am covered in receipts.

February 13
I came home from work to these beauties. Early Valentine's roses. Love, love, love! J sure is on a roll this week!

February 14
Friday night date night and Valentine's Day all in one! Our friends Mary & Steve joined us for dinner at Red. Super fancy... a little too fancy for me actually but still wonderful. I don't usually "win" with my food choice but tonight I did!

February 15
I found out that the Botanical Gardens here does a butterfly release in the afternoons downtown AND they were having an orchid exhibit. So we hit the road and soaked up some warmth in the greenhouse. We saw tons of beautiful flowers and a butterfly that found my hand for a resting spot!

February 16
I'm lucky I like snow. Really lucky since this winter especially seems like it is NEVER. GOING. TO. END. How many more days until spring??  

Week 8
February 17
I'm running the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in April with my Dad and sister. Well, that is the plan anyway as I have done zero training. So I hit the gym today to try and get some miles on these legs. It was rough... and mostly walking. 

February 18
365-6... boo!!! 

February 19
This little Valentine came in the mail today. I love it. I miss her too much!

February 20
I ordered Ceviche for dinner. Yes, me. That's right... I don't even know who I am either. So odd but it was delicious. Have to be adventurous sometimes I guess! 

February 21
Astronaut Don Thomas was at NASA today. I was supposed to be going to his lecture but I was caught in meetings and couldn't make it. A coworker of mine did happen to surprise me and pick up his signed book for me. Gotta love all us space nuts!

February 22
It is Downtown Cleveland Restaurant Week so we headed out with our friends A&M to Chop. Dinner was good... but certainly glad we had the discounted menu. Way overpriced if it was a regular day. Somehow we ended up at the new Horseshoe Casino afterwards where the girls sat down at the penny slots and won a little money... not as much as the $700 the guy won that sat down after we got up but what can you do?

February 23
365-7. Ridiculous!!


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