Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Project 365 - Week 5 & 6

Where does the time go? I am working a lot. Both my job and helping J get the practice going and there seems to never be enough time for everything. My "To Do" list is endless. I honestly don't know how women with kids even get showered, I can barely get groceries and the laundry done. Here's to two more weeks completed and into February we go! 

Week 5
January 27
Our little kitty Hailey has been super sweet recently. Seems like in her advancing age (13!) she is just getting cuter and cuter. We were chasing the string here on a Monday evening while J was making dinner.

January 28
On the way to get my hair done I saw the fattest deer I've ever seen. Looks like she knows that this winter is going to be a long one. 

January 29
A perfectly clear day. The first completely sun filled day in Cleveland in 124 days. Wow.

January 30
This is the recliner gift I gave J back in June for completing his fellowship. Ever since Hailey has avoided it... until today. It was cold and we put this nice, warm, fleece blanket down. The next thing you know there is a sleep princess kitty right in the middle. I think she has a new spot. 

January 31
And we're off! Headed to Maryland to visit Steve and do some skiing. I am not 100% thrilled, I'd rather be going to the spa or laying in the sun someplace but J loves it, so I'll try my best. 

February 1
Group selfie on the slopes! It was the warmest day I've ever skied with a high of 48 degrees!

February 2
We were back home just in time for the Super Bowl, sporting our Broncos jerseys and rooting on my favorite player Peyton Manning. Just wish it had turned out different for him.

Week 6
February 3 
Another missed day. We went out to eat at Don Ramon's tonight and I had a telecon for the sorority I volunteer with... just missed a change to take a photo. 365-4. 

February 4
It is freezing again today. Perfect day to snuggle in for grilled cheese and chicken tortilla soup. 

February 5
I'm seeing a theme of food here... I made Giada's Brussels sprout recipe but with pancetta instead of prosciutto and it was fantastic! Even a nice little fire in the background. Shh! J didn't know I snapped this quick shot. Hehehe

February 6
Every once in a while I get some visitors right outside my office window. They were actually looking at me for a while before I moved to get the camera and just like that they ran off.

February 7
Ah, sunshine. I miss you. This was a really pretty sunset in Maryland on our second trip skiing this winter. 

February 8
Back in blue, slopes that is. I made it through all the blue slopes and am getting better and better skiing, much to the delight of my husband who has skiing fever. I blame the Olympics that and the record snowfall we are having this season.

February 9
After a long weekend skiing (nearly 7 hours!!) I think I deserve some amazing Italian food. We stopped at 3 Palms Pizzeria in Hudson and enjoyed their Sunday gravy, meatballs, pasta and of course a cannoli to top it off!


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