Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Project 365 - Week 3 & 4

So even though I haven't done any other blog postings, I am still working on the a photo a day! Here are weeks 3 and 4! January has gone by fast... cold but fast. I am really getting tired of this polar vortex and temps being highs of double digits. At least there is some pretty snow with it!

Week 3
January 13
J had a craving for corned beef so even though it wasn't St. Patrick's Day, we made corned beef in the crock pot. We followed Mom's recipe, 2 cans of Guinness, corned beef covered in brown sugar, and the spice packet. DELICIOUS!

January 14
My friend Stacey and I went to BYOB and painting class. It was so much fun! We thought they were going to tell us what to paint but we had to come up with our own inspiration and mine was J's new company logo. I was not happy with how my lady turned out... I blame the wine. She needs some plastic surgery! 

January 15
Terrible photo... but at least it is something for the day. Our new Ohio cutting board and remnants of our cheese plate dinner. I love Brie! 

January 16
And today I have nothing, well nothing to post that is. We went out to dinner at Gamekeeper's tonight and I took a photo of the fireplace but it was even worse that my cheese board photo and I just couldn't include it. 365-3 so far... 

January 17
It is so nice when you meet couples where you don't have to pair up with just the girls and just the boys. That is how I feel about these friends, two couples we love to hang out with here in CLE, although this is the girls only selfie! We are just too sad that a third of the bunch will be moving this summer. 

January 18
Last week when I was on travel for work, my rental car was a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, aka the 4 door Jeep. So today we happened to drive by the Jeep dealer and look at them... is it time for a 4 door/grown up car for us?  

January 19
Yes, it is 19 days into the new year and I am still taking down Christmas. This is one of my least favorite things to do. But I am improving... last year everything was still up in February.  

Week 4
January 20
J is going to hate that I posted this but it was just too cute. We love our little kitty cat.  

January 21
Bang, bang shrimp and lemon drop martinis. Need I say more?

January 22
So this happened tonight. Jared is out at a work dinner and I am in my pj's with dinner cooking and the fire alarm goes off. And it smells like smoke suddenly when I open the door to the hallway.  I run around like a chicken with its head cut off putting clothes back on, snow boots, grabbing my purse, phone, car keys, getting my wedding photos... and I can't find Hailey. She has hidden under the bed and I can't reach her. The blaring alarm is making my heart race, encouraging panic, and my cat won't come out from under the bed. I finally get her, race out of the apartment and get the car out. I forget my wedding rings.
All was fine in the end. It was a cable line into the building that overheated and started to smoke. 

January 23
So I didn't sleep well last night... and this is my morning commute. This is the on ramp 3 minutes from my house, beginning my normally 35 minute drive... which ended after nearly 2 hours. I'm ready for the weekend. 

January 24
At least snow is pretty... especially with some sunshine making it sparkle.

January 25
J's friend Aashi was in town for a conference so we picked her up and spent the day out to lunch, driving in the snow, shopping, and stopping by our favorite little town Chagrin Falls.

January 26
Today is Pie Day and Miles Market was sampling nearly every pie imaginable. My favorite was the Dutch Apple. Yum!!     


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