Monday, April 18, 2011

Champagne Sundays

I guess I spoke too soon about "popping the champagne"! You see, every once in a while, we have Champagne Sundays. When we decide we have no plans, no errands to run, no reason to leave the house really... why not have mimosas and hang out in our pjs all day? Yesterday we had a "Champagne Sunday" to top off our weekend of fun.

And it really was a fun weekend, a celebration weekend. I have so much to be happy about right now. And our vacation was planned! Less than 7 weeks until relaxation and adventure in a tropical land, that task crossed off the list of things to do. So Friday night we headed out to our most favorite restaurant for drinks. What started out as a little happy hour, ended up being an unexpected night of great times with dinner and then ice cream with some of J's work friends, his Aunt, Uncle, and cousin.

On Saturday, I was able to get us last minute tickets to see Les Miserables in downtown Cleveland. And not just seats... 7th row, center section seats!
This will be the 3rd play we have been to here in Ohio. It isn't something Jared loves, but he is good about trying to like it for me... and I love just love the theatre! Who knew Cleveland had the second largest performing arts center next to NY?
And then there was Sunday. Champagne Sunday that is. What a great weekend!


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