Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I know we are lucky. Lucky because we both love our jobs. Lucky because we are both healthy and happy. Lucky to have time together. Lately, I have been hearing that I am lucky to have such flexibility in my life. I started thinking about that, and I TOTALLY agree! I love it!

Yesterday was one of those flexible, spontaneous days. The kind of day where you start with no real plans (other than work) and end up having the most fun. After randomly receiving a gift card in the mail, we headed out to dinner at Bonefish. Just after ordering we got a call from J's boss inviting us to join him downtown at the Cavs game... in 30 minutes. So we ate fast... and headed downtown to the game.
The Cavs won! Which is amazing since they are the worst team in the league this year. We socialized with J's boss and son and afterward instead of sitting in traffic, we stopped by Lola for some late night drinks and dessert.

It wasn't a crazy night. Just random, fun, and flexible... like us.


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