Monday, March 28, 2011

Big Apple... Take 2!

We FINALLY made it to NYC last weekend. It was a whirlwind trip. I know I always say our trips are fast since we make so many short trips but this one was over in a flash! Most importantly we got to see my newest niece who is just so adorable!! And don't you LOVE her bib? Hehehe
We were busy in the city. We crammed in as much as we could in 2 days. We ate traditional NY style pizza, something we CRAVE in Cleveland though we do have great pizza shops. We watched March Madness, where my bracket is currently in 3rd!!! so far which is just crazy!

We cheered on Dad via text and phone messages while he ran the National Half Marathon race Saturday morning in DC. Go Daddy!
We took cab rides around the city and I proceeded to spill an entire Starbucks drink all over myself. We spent the afternoon at the American Museum of Natural History looking at dinosaur bones and...
we all thought Uncle Jared looked so cute carrying Madison! 
We saw stuffed" animals, remains of "Lucy" (first fossil evidence of bipedal hominids which was a visiting exhibit from Ethiopia!!), tons of rock and meteors. We saw how Madison makes faces just like her Daddy!
We ate a late lunch at Shake Shack... can you say YUM?!

We tried to go swimming together so baby girl could show us her skills from her swimming class but they closed the pool literally a minute after we were all in... slightly freezing and probably best that it didn't work out.
We heard about a missing cobra at the Bronx zoo.

We ate at a hole in the wall Mexican restaurant in Spanish Harlem where the food was good but we froze sitting by the front door. We cooked homemade Stromboli and monkey cake. We met up with an old friend of Jared's from medical school for a great dinner at Arturo's. We  organized some of the apartment. "We" (the girls) got mani/pedis and surprise massages at the nail salon while they (the boys) watched the baby aka drinking while playing play station and baby sleeps since Mom already put her to bed.

We left way too early on Monday morning and went right into work. Oh how I wish I lived in that city with my sister... WE would have so much fun!!


Julie McDougall said...

Can't wait for your next trip!!! It was so much fun but too quick!!

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