Wednesday, March 16, 2011

431 East Roanoke Street

That was our address. 431 East Roanoke Street Apartment E... somewhere back in time, 12 years ago in Blacksburg, Virginia... Where the four of us girls met and began what I know will be a lifelong friendship.
And this is us today... or a month ago when we met for a girl's weekend just the four of us. Old roomies, and somehow old friends now instead of new. How the time flies! With one of us (Alissa!) having a baby on the way. :)
My girls from college. We don't talk every day, but when we do it is like not a second has gone by. It is as if we are still hanging around planning our fun for a night out at VT or just hanging out together 'till all hours of the night. It is tough to have girl friends. And somehow we are different enough, similar enough that it just works. I love these girls. I don't know what I would do without them. And through all of the changes in our lives, whether it is moving far away, dealing with spouses overseas, breakups, work problems, parent issues and now babies on the way, we are still so much like the same girls we were 12 years ago and at the same time so different.

This weekend is the baby shower for Alissa but because of work I am unable to attend. Our  group of four will be joined by a little boy sometime in late April/early May. I am so sorry to miss your special day but I will be thinking of you, Liss. 

Love and miss you ladies, always.


Clare said...

so sweet!! love those college girls:)

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