Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Celebration continues!

This past weekend was busy, as it usually is here at ECGML. It was Jared's last free weekend before his fellowship begins. Thus the need to continue the celebration that had started at his graduation banquet and make it a long 3 day weekend, well almost. I worked from home most of Monday while fighting a bad headache. 

We had a blast! The weather was amazing, who knew Cleveland was so nice in the almost summer? We hung out laying like broccoli and watching movies, had a day filled with sailing on J's boss' boat.
Met up with Matt for breakfast at The Original Pancake House, which has chocolate chip pancakes to die for!
And had an entirely too much fun and such a silly time hanging out with J's roommate from medical school, Steve, and our friend Katie. All I can say is there was dinner, cocktails, and dance, dance, revolution until entirely too late... we apparently thought we were 20 again. 
Super fun. I honestly don't know how I made it to work on Tuesday it was such a great weekend!


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