Friday, June 24, 2011


It was just me here this week. Well, me and Hailey. It is nice to have a pet to come home to even when she wakes you up at 5am every day for breakfast.

J is off in Chicago for a surgical board review course where he is in lectures for 12 hours a day and dreading every minute of it. Even thought he most likely won't ever practice as a general surgeon, he is taking the board exam. I guess it can't hurt to have options.

In the meantime I was solo in Ohio where I filled my time with dinner dates with my Aunt and Grandmother-in-law, my friend Stacey, walks at the metro parks, cleaning, organizing, and some lounging by the pool.
It was weird being here all alone. I still feel "new" to Ohio... probably because I lived in Virginia for 22 years before moving. But I am working on making it feel like home. And it just takes a while... one day at a time.


laura said...

your cat's name is phoenix! ;)

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