Tuesday, June 14, 2011


June is Jared's last month of his general surgery residency. Just seeing that in print is amazing. I am so proud of him... and so happy that it is done! I can't believe it has been five years. Five years ago, he became a doctor...
and ever since he has been working 80-100 hours a week. Learning how to be a surgeon, taking call, teaching other residents, medical students, and most importantly taking care of patients. How hard must it have been for him? I know it was tough enough for me just to be his girlfriend/fiance/and finally spouse along for the ride. People don't know. Really, they don't know how much doctors give of themselves, of their families, to help others. I am so so proud of him.

We celebrated his graduation this past weekend. There was a dinner with South Pointe Hospital employees and guests and then an after party hosted by J's uncle and a few of the other attendings. Here is Jared with his program director and fellow residents, minus Matt who was on vacation.
We had a great night at The Canterbury Golf Club after party with J's family, his parents came into town for the weekend, and friends, many who were also graduating. 

These four doctors started together as interns and are now surgeons, two general and two orthopedic.
They have a special bond that no one else will understand. I am so glad Jared had such good people with him on this part of his journey. And now, what is next? Plastics. Two years of training here in Cleveland in plastic surgery. I came home yesterday to another dozen roses and a cookie cake. We have a signed contract my friends! Definitely time to pop the champagne!!

Congratulations to my husband, who is a trained and soon-to-be board certified general surgeon...  Jared Storck, D.O.!


laura said...

congrats, congrats, congrats to jared (and to you!)

Clare said...

what an amazing accomplishment, go jared!! tell him i said that is AWESOME!

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