Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow Bunny

We spent this last weekend in the snow. Catching up with some of J's friends from med school, the first time they had all been together since 2006. We stayed in this awesome cabin, right on the lake in Maryland near Wisp Resort. It looked just like below... only covered in 10 inches of new fallen snow!

Friday afternoon we got to see the progress on a house Steve is building before heading out to dinner. 
We were up late with lots of wine, pool playing, and of course a hot tub and snow angels.
On Saturday after a delicious breakfast feast we headed over to the mountain for some skiing.

It was super snowy and windy, with the low that day at 5 degrees! But with all our new cold winter gear we were good to go. I even got this little video clip of J skiing down a black diamond. It isn't the best, I had gloves on and we were really far away.
And the best part of it all was neither of us got hurt and I didn't fall once! Not bad for only my 4th time skiing and 5 years since J's last trip. Just wish it hadn't been so difficult for Jared to ski on the easier slopes with me. We had plans to either ski again, tube, or snow mobile on Sunday but after another late night we ended up just hanging out before having to leave town.
It was a great time and hopefully, a yearly event!


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