Friday, May 11, 2012


I am hurt. My ankle is not good. I am hoping it is just overuse... doing too much too soon. Not sure how that is possible since I have been slowly increasing my mileage and following a training program but I guess I take longer... which shouldn't be a shock since I take forever for everything.

If it isn't overuse... I could've really hurt myself. My ankle hurts when I am just walking. Not bad, I just notice it and when do you notice you actually have an ankle? Jared says worst case it is A STRESS FRACTURE!! OMG!

I am so worried I am not going to be able to run the half marathon. All this work feels like it is for nothing. So annoying... but I am going to think positive. I have done so much, and just for me. Last Sunday I ran 11 miles... 11 miles and another PR! This is a photo from my run stats for my 10 mile last week.
So the race may only be 9 days away. I may not even be able to run. But I know I will finish it. And I have already done so much. I am so proud of me already.


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