Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Last Weekend of Summer - 2012

In just our style the last unofficial weekend of the summer was spent traveling and being crazy busy. We were supposed to head out Friday as soon as we could get off work. Unfortunately J was stuck in the OR until too late for us to leave. No matter, it was his last day at Metro Hospital!! So we went out to celebrate, and planned to leave early the next morning before the sun. Our coffee stop had a great surprise with the first day of pumpkin spice lattes! Yum!
Our trip was to Virginia, obviously. ;) It was a two part trip, NoVA and Blacksburg with not enough time at either place. Julie would be in NoVA too with little Miss Madison. We spent the time playing with our niece and nephews, running errands, getting hair cuts, shopping for cars for Juls, breakfast at Yorkshire, late night Dairy Queen runs, and drinking wine by the pool with Nat and Bri (back from far far away) to top of the last nights of summer.

Then we were off to Blacksburg for the VT/GT game. They were calling for rain but we were lucky and only had a little mist during the start of the game. We didn't meet up with any friends this time, it was just us and beautiful Hokie land.
We even had an overtime victory! And just like that... summer 2012 was done.


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