Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hokie Football 2011

We travelled all over last weekend, as usual! The Labor Day holiday gave us one extra day to squeeze in not only a trip to Blacksburg, but to Richmond and Northern Virginia as well.
Thursday night was really the start of the weekend and more importantly, the start of J's most favorite time of year, College Football Season! Oh, how he loves those Hokies. I made a lovely football themed meal of mexican dip appetizers, hot dogs, corn on the cobb, beans, and of course, beer. We hit the road bright and early on Friday to our most favorite place, Blacksburg, Virginia.  

Our good friends, Dr. C and Mrs. S met us for the weekend so you know we had a blast! We spent the evening catching up at Poor Billy's bar downtown and had entirely too much fun...

drinking wine, amongst many other things, way into the late hours of the night... or should I say morning...
Saturday was Game Day... and we were hurting. Too much fun the night before inhibited our pre-game festivities. We missed the SigEp groundbreaking for the new on campus house. We missed stopping by my APhi sister's tailgate, and nearly missed making it to J's pledge brother's tailgate before we had to get to the game. But we did see the Hokie Bird on the way!
And the game, it was so freakin' H-O-T HOT, HOT, HOT!! I honestly don't know how we made it through the whole thing. We all were not feeling good, cheering the team on and trying to endure the sweltering, humid weather... thank goodness we won!

We had a low key Saturday night. Eating pizza, staying in and watching all the college football games just the 4 of us. It was just as much fun as the night before had been... with a lot more water! 


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