Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Last Weekend of Summer... Take 2!

Jared thought since my plans were cancelled and I was already all packed up I should tag along on his one day trip to visit our friend Steve. So I did just that! Steve has finished his residency and is now a practicing general surgeon near Wisp, Maryland. He had recently come to visit us, and now we could return the visit. He lives in  little town on a lake that looks so pretty! There the boys are down by the water with Steve's dog, Stella.
Hurricane Irene clouds were in the way but the sailboats during the day and stars at night were just beautiful! We will definitely be making a trip to ski at the nearby resort sometime this winter and made plans for a boating and white water rafting one weekend next summer. It was a lovely mini trip.

Even though I was home with no plans the rest of the weekend, was super mopey, and not getting to do what I wanted... we had a lovely little rainbow on Sunday afternoon.
Cheese fries at Outback for dinner helped as well. :)


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