Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Last Weekend of Summer

This was the last weekend of the summer for us, spent in town anyway. We were busy as can be, just how I like it!

I have been working crazy shifts for work, night shifts for space station operations (sooo cool!) so my days and nights all seem to blurr recently. Friday was a day off, well sort of, since I had worked from midnight until 8am. I came home to the installation of our new kitchen tile! We have had a mini apartment face lift recently with new cabinets, appliances, tile and light fixtures. A much needed improvement from our old kitchen. Now just waiting for paint and carpet! :)
Saturday started with us participating in the Down Syndrome walk with J's Aunt's family downtown at Cleveland Indians Stadium. We were all supporting his Aunt's great nephew, Will, that was born this year with Down Syndrome. We love the Stanley family and were thrilled to support them!
I won't get into how creepy the McDonald's clown was... seriously, how do kids even like clowns?!?

On our way home we stopped at the North Chagrin Reservation and took a little walk in the Cleveland Metro Parks soaking up Buttermilk Falls...
and all of the sudden seeing some changing leaves along our path, the first signs of Fall. 
How did the summer go so fast?

Luckily our weekend plans included another outing on Dr. C's sailboat,
a BBQ with friends to celebrate Meg's 28th birthday,
and the annual surgery pool party!
Towards the end of the night, an Autumn chill blew in. Can you believe I had to be at work at 2:15am the next morning? I didn't even care about either. What a fun summer!


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