Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Out All Night

Yay for another summer weekend! Friday evening was our typical end-of-the-work-week happy hour and pizza. This time we were joined by our friend Katie and a medical student Sean, who is vying for a surgical residency spot.  Saturday we rested up for our evening out on the town with a fantastical pancake breakfast, afternoon movies, and a little cleaning.

We had Bachelor/Bachelorette parties to attend that night where we both ended up out... all night long! Our friends Alex and Megan are getting married in September and we helped celebrate one of their last "single" nights out. While there are no photos of the boys events, which is probably a good thing, here are a couple of the girls.
We had such a fun night out! The weather was perfect and even though I didn't know hardly any of the girls, we had a great time.
Sunday started out slow since we didn't get to bed until after 4am! Once we were up we ran errands, ate lunch, joined Costco (like grown ups we now are, so weird!) and then made a visit to J's new boss' house. I chatted with the ladies on the deck while J helped work on a presentation. They are really nice people and it makes Jared's fellowship so much easier that he has fun every day working with Dr. F.

Next we had a visitor come into town. One of my best friends from college, Kiliaen, and her husband were driving through on their way home from a vacation in Michigan. As always, there was not enough time. We went to dinner at Geraci's, talked, and caught up for the few hours we had all while trying to keep Hailey away from Matt... who is allergic!
It was lovely. I miss my girl friends so very much. Any time with them just makes me smile. And with that, July was done. What a fun one it was!


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