Monday, October 3, 2011

Hokie, Hokie, Hokie, Hi!

We headed South this past weekend. Back to Virginia Tech to visit with friends and see the Hokies play. Unfortunately we had a late start into town on Friday, a ton of traffic, cold and rainy weather, and the saddest of all... a Hokie loss.

But we made the most of it. Friday night we headed downtown and hung out at Awful Arthur's with one of my college roomies, Courtney.
We listened to a band, enjoyed some tasty beverages, and ended the night with none other than Gumbi's Pizza Pokey sticks!
On Saturday we tailgated for hours on end, one of my favorite things to do! Catching up with another roommate of mine, Alissa...
along with her husband Stefano, son Vincent, Sean, Jill, their baby girl Charlotte, and a few other friends. We ran into sorority sisters, fraternity brothers, tailgated with our family friends the Ratcliffes, and hung out with Matt and Shannon, friends from Cleveland that are Hokies too!
During the game we even caught up with another college roommate of mine, Veronica, who was in town from Tennessee!

It was ridiculously windy, cloudy, dreary with spitting rain. And the game sure didn't go as we hoped... losing to Clemson 23-3. Ouch! But it was still Virginia Tech... still beautiful... still so much fun...


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