Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dining Out

It seems like we had plans with friends every night last week... and that meant a TON of eating out! Monday we met up with our friend Katie and a guest of hers for "Monday Margaritas" at Rio Grande. There is just nothing like a frozen strawberry margarita to make your Monday great!

On Tuesday we caught up with one of J's friends from medical school, Aashi and her new husband Eric at Peppermint Thai Cuisine. I am rarely in the mood for Asian food so this was a pretty big deal.
It was great to catch up and hopefully we will be seeing more of them since they now live 5 miles away! Tuesday was also my Grandmother's birthday. I wish I could have been home to spend it with her helping her with our family tree, going out to lunch, or just visiting. I have to add it to the list of things to do the next time I am in Virginia.

On Wednesday night we met up with J's cousin at Outback. We got all caught up with how his senior year of high school is going, the difficulties of a long distance relationship, and the 411 on the college selection process all while enjoying some cheese fries and of course, a Wallaby Darned!

 I think a visit to the gym is in order!


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