Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Yay! We had a visitor this past weekend! My Godfather, Uncle Robert, came to Cleveland to visit. My Mom's brothers have always seemed more like older brothers to me and my sister instead of Uncles. Uncles always seemed like grown ups where Robert and Connie would play with us and didn't treat us like "kids". Robert even lived with us for many years. They were just around more... and our relationship is just different, it is great. They both are always there for us, no matter what we need.

It was such a nice visit... AND fantastic weather for his trip. While the East Coast was getting an unseasonable Halloween snow storm, we had gorgeous skies. We continued the week of dining out, and headed to Geraci's on Friday night for dinner and then rented one of the worst movies I have ever seen, Bad Teacher. DO NOT watch this. You will never get those ninety-two minutes of your life back... even with Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake. So... so bad.

Saturday we headed to the West Side Market.
Everything smelled so fresh with fruits, veggies, cheeses, and more. Jared and Robert had some of the famous beef jerky while I sampled a delicious apple fritter! Next up was the crepe station... unfortunately they looked better than they tasted.
We did a little site seeing and drove home through downtown since Robert, just like Mom, had no idea Cleveland was on a lake! During our drive Jared happened to get pulled over by a cop (Oops, we missed a no u-turn sign!) but thankfully no tickets were issued...lucky duck!

Our luck continued that day with another Hokie win but, it was a close one to Duke of all teams! With a trip to Whole Foods for supplies we made a feast of snacks with kale chips, cheeses, and guacamole while Jared was enthralled with college football. After a delicious steak dinner at home we hit up both Mitchell's Ice Cream AND East Coast Custard (yes, East Coast Custard in the Midwest).

Sunday came too fast with the weekend, and my Uncle's trip, coming to a close. So with some shopping at my favorite little town of "Sugar 'N Falls" as Julie likes to call it and a late Mexican fiesta lunch we ended the day.
It was such a nice visit!


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