Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November Birthdays!

Today starts many of the November birthdays I celebrate with the people in my life. The second, is both my husband and my brother Jeff's birthday. While we went out to dinner tonight of course, at our favorite place Jekyll's, my parents were surprising my brother with a visit to Richmond to take him out to dinner.
How I would love to see his face when they tell him they are in town! Hope he cleaned up his apartment... gotta love college. Hehehe. And since I don't have a photo of him from today, here is one of my favorites from many moons ago with our family dog Elroy. Miss you Jeff!!
Next we celebrate the birthday of my favorite brother-from-another-mother, Jason, or rather my brother-in-law. This year it will be 11-11-11 for his birthday and I hope it is a lucky year for him. Not that he needs luck he is such a success already.  Here is the birthday boy, Jason and his twin about a month ago. Happy early birthday Jason!
On the 19th my Uncle celebrates a milestone birthday. The big 5-0! We had a great time during his visit a few weeks ago and I so wish I was with him to celebrate this special day.
The 20th is my birthday and my favorite day of the year. Last year I got a surprise visit from some of my family... 
No plans for this year, probably just relaxing and enjoying the day.

Rounding out the rest of the month are both my father-in-laws (60th!) and my Uncle David's birthday on the 27th and Aunt Ronnie's on the 29th. Annnnnd one more birthday-to-be is coming this month. My newest little nephew is one the way in late November.

Happy birthday to all of us November babies!!


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