Friday, November 18, 2011

My Birthday Week

When I came home from Houston, this was hiding around the corner by a bookshelf...
I am so good about not opening presents, I won't even shake them to see what they could be but this was just staring at me for over a week and it was killing me! I even began guessing what it was and trying to gauge J's reaction. But alas, no clues were discovered. Jared was all prepared for what I can only call my "birthday week". I just LOVED it!

On Monday we had a salmon dinner with some surprise chocolate cupcakes.
Tuesday there were flowers and filet mignon!
I actually made J a quick dinner on Wednesday since he was only home a half hour before heading out for overnight call at Marymount Hospital and I met up with Stacey for drinks and dinner at Cheesecake Factory.

On Thursday night I decided to make my favorite breaded chicken and angel hair pasta since I got home a little early and Jared had such little sleep the night before. We had an Italian feast and watched the Hokies win a crazy Thursday night football game. And tonight we are headed out for some winter clothes shopping and dinner at BoneFish! Yay for bang, bang shrimp and my actual birthday weekend ahead!


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