Sunday, October 9, 2011

To Remember Him

Today is the Army 10 Miler. This will be the 8th year that members of Jeff's and my family and friends run to remember Jeffrey J. Kaylor.
It was an absolutely gorgeous day in D.C., slightly warm for a run, but oh, so pretty. I actually prepared for the race this year. I had been taking for granted just up and running with no  training. That was until my friend Tracey got a stress fracture while training for a half marathon and completely freaked me out.

So I ran, lifted, and cross trained working on an 11-week program from my Dad. Well, that was the plan anyway until I got an injury after 5 1/2 weeks to my knee and had to rest for 3 weeks, which turned into 4 1/2. Even thought I didn't finish the training plan, it really helped.  I also loved not being in pain during or after the run.
Each year this race is hard for me. To see all the military people, to hear the National Anthem, to run past Arlington Cemetery crying, to just get through the day without losing it. And then someone runs next to you tapping you on the shoulder and says "I knew him. Jeff and I use to eat together over in Iraq. I'll run this for him too." My sister counted nearly 20 people this year mention something to us during the race.

It is inspiring and amazing and helps me deal with missing him. I most especially love that my whole family supports this race with Dad, Julie, Joey, and Jeffrey running along with me and Mom, Jared, and other family and friends cheering us on.

Hooah Jeff! Missing you always.


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