Thursday, January 12, 2012


That would be me. For an entire week, disconnected from the world by not having a phone. I broke it while at the Sugar Bowl. And no, sister dear, I did not sit on it like you thought. Who puts there phone in their back pocket anyway? It was in my vest and when we jumped up for what should have been the game winning overtime touchdown pass, the seat hinged and my phone screen was crushed in between the seat.

I feel naked. I literally feel like I am missing something all day long. I don't know how this happened to me. I hate how dependent I have become on this little piece of technology. And to tell you the truth, after I got over the nervous feeling like I was missing something, worried about my car breaking down or people not being able to get in touch with me, after about 4 days without it, it was kinda nice. I didn't realize how often I was sending texts, checking the weather, creeping on facebook, or playing games like Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja.

This last week and a half has been nice to have just a little time to myself. And of course, the radio. Jared surprised me and uploaded this photo from our honeymoon and it made it just a little bit like my phone. Too cute!


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