Monday, January 30, 2012

Movies and Merlot

It was a movie marathon kinda weekend. No plans, we were just keeping with our theme of laying low this month. When I came home from work on Friday there was a surprise though.
Two dozen roses and a gift! Wow! Coincidentally it was our 3 year and 7 month anniversary but really it was a "just because I saw this and thought you might like it" gift. Swoon! And what was the present? A Cuisinart Chopper! Normally I wouldn't be so excited about an appliance, and would NEVER want one as a gift. But I absolutely hate cutting things. I am not the most coordinated and have had my first set of stitches cutting a bagel back in 2006... so this chopper is a welcome addition to our kitchen and such a cute just because surprise.  

For the start of the weekend, we did some shopping and picked up a half price North Face coat for J, drove around Chagrin Falls enjoying the snow, and had our traditional Friday night pizza this time at Panini's.
The rest of the weekend was filled with hair cuts, cleaning up the remnants of Christmas, organizing storage, and movies, movies, movies. And merlot... and a little champagne. I made a little Mexican fiesta with my new chopper and we watched Red, 50/50, For The Love of the Game and a few I don't even remember they were so bad. We even had a little FaceTime with Julie in NYC with Mom visiting.
Yay for weekends of relaxing and surprise gifts!


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