Thursday, January 5, 2012

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

We headed down to New Orleans on Monday to "Let the good times roll"! and see the Hokies play in the Sugar Bowl. I was nearly 100% back to normal after being sick on NYE. We had a great flight to Houston, watched "Money Ball" while we were delayed in the air counting the minutes and hoping we wouldn't miss our connection. With a lot of running and a bit of luck we made our plane just in time.

The last time I was in New Orleans was back in 2000 for the National Championship Game against Florida State while we were in college...  

Jared and my sister had won tickets to the game in the school lottery. He wasn't going to go to the game but I insisted. We got a group together of our Greek friends and had a blast during our visit. Little did I know that this is where I created the football fanatic husband I now have.

Twelve (OMG how is that possible?!?) years later we are back in NOLA where we met up with Steve and headed straight for the French Quarter for some food and of course a few beverages! We stayed out late catching up with sorority sisters (Amy and Jess) and fraternity brothers (Todd & Preston) from VT and anticipating a Hokie win!

I love that after all these years we can just pick up right where we left off with friends from our days at Tech. It does make me miss living in Virginia though. I know Amy and I would be close if I only lived nearby. We just think alike and she is the sweetest girl with a lovely husband. They are just good people. And of course, my roommate from college Courtney. There just never is enough time with friends.

Tuesday was game day! We hit up the French Quarter again for beignets and muffalettas! I ran into my big sis from Alpha Phi, Leslie at Cafe Du Monde...

And then it hit. The sickness that we thought was done, we thought had been left in Virginia, left in last year, caught up with us in New Orleans. Jared was sick. He had been fooling us all morning trying to ignore how he felt, hoping it was just a hang over after all. But no, he was sick, sick, sick and at about 1pm we had to go back to the hotel. I watched over him, and some TV, while he tried to sleep through the chills, praying he felt better. A Gatorade and 7 hours later we were off to the game and I honestly don't know how he made it. Sheer will to see his favorite team. If only those Hokies knew what it took for him to be there, maybe they would have won the game.

It was a heartbreaker. We really should have won... and it was painful seeing our victorious overtime touchdown catch overturned.
And just like that, our trip was done. A 4am ride to the airport and first class back to Cleveland where Jared was finally starting to feel better.


One Preppy Cookie said...

Ahh such a ncie thing to say Jenny - thank you! I so agree. If only we lived closer. xoxo

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