Friday, January 13, 2012

Furry Family Members

We have had some sad news lately about some of the animals we love. When we returned home from New Orleans Jared's parents called to tell us Harley, their 7 year old Basset Hound, had died unexpectedly the night of the Sugar Bowl. He had surgery recently and an infection afterwards but had been on the mend. The story about how he died was just awful and we were both crying on the phone hearing about it.

Poor Harley was a rescue dog that J's parents adopted and quickly became part of the family. J's Dad called him "our furry brother" and would tell us how much he missed us. Jared has grown up with Bassets and weekly talks about the day that we get a Basset, and I cringe. They just aren't the kind of dog I would prefer, but oh how those Storcks love them. We spent some time with Harley back in August last year at the cabin.
Harley, we know J's parents aren't the same without you and we sure will miss you!

A few days later we heard about Maddy from The Land of Syd suddenly becoming ill. Thankfully she is doing better and sounds like she is going to be just fine. All this sad news about our furry loved ones reminded me that I hadn't talked about our little cat that joined us here at ECGML about a year agoShe is just the cutest little kitty ever. And we are giant cheeseballs about her.

Every day she greats us at the door with a meow and a flop on her side for some back scratches. If she can get a treat from you, which Jared does every time, she will. Then there is the obligatory cuddle time where you must rub her belly. Most of her time is spent sleeping or lounging on the couch looking out the window or in J's chair. She loves chasing string or a laser pointer right around dinner time. Every now and then she will run through your legs while you are walking to try and trip you. My least favorite thing is when she is in "pounce mode" and will grab your leg and take a nibble when any delicious lamb chops walk by.
Recently she has started sleeping at the foot of the bed. Mostly because I put a small fleece blanket there for her to cuddle up on. And after she meows at the moon, or whatever she is talking to, she heads to bed with us.... and we both just love her to pieces.


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